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Start a Cupcake Business

You will need a website of some sort. Customers will expect to be able to look at your website, see photos of your cupcakes and perhaps see your price list. If you are doing markets, then this is a great way, too, to list your dates/locations so customers can find you.

The alternative is to just keep it simple and create a Facebook Business Page, which is free.

For both of these, you can do it yourself, for free or on a low budget, or you can get your website custom-built. Many websites these days are built using WordPress software (this isn’t which you can’t use for business purposes), which is easy to use and can be auto-installed easily when you buy a domain name/hosting.

Having an online presence is ESSENTIAL if you want customers to have confidence in you, if you want them to become repeat customers and if you want them to recommend you to their friends, family, work colleagues or in online discussions.

Facebook divides people like Marmite …. there is a quiz to help you decide if Facebook is right for your business.


why is the rock and roll hall of fame in cleveland ohio?

Cleveland’s place in rock and roll history almost entirely stems from Alan Freed. Freed not only coined the term “rock and roll” while hosting a radio show in Cleveland broadcasting African American rhythm blues music, he also is credited with holding the first rock concert ever in Cleveland’s Arena (since demolished). Arguably, rock and roll formally was born in Cleveland in the summer of 1951.

When the founders of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation were searching for a physical home for the HOF, Cleveland won a national poll conducted by USA Today, largely through the vociferous support of Cleveland rock roll fans. Although Cleveland’s willingness to raise the funds (over $130 million in 2009 dollars) necessary to build and support the HOF and Museum largely tipped the decision Cleveland’s way, without the Cleveland public’s strong enthusiasm for the project, the substantial public funds needed for the project would not have been available.

Freed’s short career in Cleveland not only provided the historical context that justified locating the museum in Cleveland, Freed established Cleveland as a hotbed of rock roll and other noted disc jockeys such as Bill Randle continued to fuel the flames even after Freed left Cleveland for New York City in 1954. Freed ignited Cleveland’s love affair with rock and roll that resulted in the Cleveland public’s enthusiasm for the Rock and Roll HOF and Museum project!

At the time the HOF and Museum decision was being made, the importance of Cleveland in establishing Elvis Presley as the King also was cited:…

It should be noted that Cleveland even before Freed’s arrival was the home of many noted night clubs, both African American rhythm blues and jazz clubs and clubs featuring white performers.

Also, as the home of the world-class Cleveland Orchestra and the Cleveland Institute of Music, Cleveland possessed a general musical sophistication well beyond that of most cities, and many civic leaders actually viewed the HOF as reinforcing and celebrating the city’s history and musical tradition.

Cleveland already was one of the great American ethnic melting pots when its massive industrial base attracted a large population of African Americans from a relatively impoverished South in the 20th century.

Even earlier, northeast Ohio was a hotbed of the abolitionist movement. John Brown spent his youth in the Cleveland area and abolitionist U.S. President James Garfield was raised and lived just east of Cleveland. Northeast Ohio was a major terminus of the underground railroad. Oberlin College in 1835 became the first American college to regularly admit African Americans, and, as also the oldest continuously operating coeducational institution, it boasts of graduating the first African American woman college graduate.

The Oberlin Conservatory of Music was founded in 1865 and is America’s oldest continuously operating music conservatory.

With its diverse ethnic roots breeding an environment of relative tolerance (despite pronounced segregation), substantial African American population, strong musical cultural base, and decidedly liberal traditions, Cleveland was a waiting tinderbox for the rock roll revolution.

In reality, Clevelanders rocked earlier, harder and more than those in other contending cities, and they knew it.

All things considered, the Rock and Roll HOF and Museum rightfully has found a beloved home in Cleveland.


Have a 87 Subaru GL with Automatic tranny. Uses no engine oil between changes. The tranny uses lots of fluid. Daily driven around town everyday, it will use a pint once a month, but at freeway speed uses pint in 2 days. No drips on ground or under car.

Daily driven around town everyday, it will use a pint once a month, but at freeway speed uses pint in 2 days. Uses no engine oil between changes.

You’re reading Have a 87 Subaru GL with Automatic tranny. No drips on ground or under car. The tranny uses lots of fluid


Chat Rooms for Teenagers

The figures in addition demonstrate that greater than 55 % of those incidences concerned approaches through instant messaging tools. The Actual anonymity in which these free chat rooms supply with their users, possess encouraged a few twisted personalities in order to lure and also exploit kids as well as teenagers frequenting these websites. The subsequent can end up being a set of precautions which can arrive helpful to you:

According in order to a few reports, the incidences associated with online harassment involving kids and also teens tend to be comparatively low around the chat rooms offered through the prominent social networking websites. However, it is much better for your youngster to begin with hot tranny cams making use of video chat rooms. By Simply maintaining any password for the personal computer in order to the Web account you are generally in a position to manage its use. However, these controllers are very busy individuals so which as you’re responsible to your child’s welfare, realize whom the offspring can be chatting with.

Safety inside On-line Chat Rooms

Good chat rooms provide a centralized place exactly where they can gain entry making use of the Web as free tranny cams well as be a part of the planet community. Several of those may be accessed by any person and employed free from cost. The idea is essential for parents to take several precautionary measures inside advance, and avoid your threat posed simply by these individuals. Use associated with this system to draw World wide web users, has resulted in some entities approaching along with chat rooms just for kids and also teens. Research along with buy a parental control software.

Chatting: some of those chat rooms are usually governed by a controller. Your greatest concept can be permit him or her put it for you to use when you may be inside the house. let him or perhaps the girl read about precautions to consider while making use of your World wide web which might make it simple for each regarding you in order to definitely deal with the particular issue.

Control: Set a time for an individual personally youngster to use the Internet. Depending on what you see about the screen of your computer, you as well as also your youngster can easily choose whether as well as not to continue the chatting as well as not. It is also a location where the teenagers can acquire self recognition too as learn to accomplish the self appraisal along with handle criticism in a positive way. Aren’t your kids nosy?

It is a positive thing to produce your child follow a number of set rules each and every time he or perhaps she is logged within on the chat space for that sake of safety. It can end up being a great place for these not yet adults people to understand that one will get accepted through other people for that high quality associated with thought. It signifies that anyone can easily make use associated with them without submitting their own identification details towards the web site hosting it.

Free Chat Rooms

Why is actually chatting important? Man is truly a social animal and feels your have to communicate along with remaining portion involving the human beings. Web services providers, the actual social networking websites for example Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and also numerous additional entities supply chat rooms with regard to their particular visitors. Additionally, it reveals that the kids or teenagers in question, knew well beforehand the perpetrators are adults. Don’t forget in order to explain to become able to your son or even daughter why you will this length to monitor trannycams or control their chatting. the option of abundant bandwidth features enabled several web sites and also support providers to always be able to come track of chat rooms along with video.

Computer: Situation your computer in the place such as kitchen and also whilst carrying out your own work, keep a watch in your nosy youngster or even adolescent as they or perhaps the lady is actually logged in on a chat room.

Friend: In Zero Way allow your son as well as daughter to meet an online pal in your absence. This features made the actual process involving locating excellent alternatives difficult. Kids and teenagers are not necessarily any exception to this behavior pattern, rather, they’ve few zillion items to debate, talk about and also learn about. Chat rooms fulfill this need simply by allowing your net customers to get interaction via instant messaging.

Online Chat Rooms with regard to Teens

On 1 hand, chat rooms offer a teen to become a part of your virtual world; about the other, additionally they expose him to always be able to some dangers. Since most of these kids as well as teenagers are not earning a regular income, without on the internet chatting, just imagine, how tough it will be for them being within communication utilizing phone, using the like-minded contemporaries even about the neighborhood scale.. This may end up being about simply how much his or her doggies adore them, hairstyles that like or how much that they enjoy playing a particular computer game, chat rooms make positive that these youngsters have a spot to air their own views. no registration is needed to access some associated with these totally free chat rooms for teenagers. Certainly Not just do they will really chat with others upon virtually any topic, but, there are also chat rooms that are devoted to end up being able to a certain topic, subject, hobby as well as activity in which in turn the teenagers or maybe the kids can reveal his or her hobbies or even interests. Just About All you have to complete to find safe sites, would always be to invest in a web camera, required hardware, computer software and find your websites which provide free involving charge video chatting.

Teenagers may use these virtual meeting places, in general, to understand regarding fashions, music, trends, sports, solve their particular homework problems simply by asking about along with express their views in what will be dear in order to them. Normally, depending about the subject, these monitors determine if they will should brake the particular communication among a pair of users or perhaps not. Generally there is really a online advertising strategy referred to be able to as industry segregation which is accustomed to get to your expected quantity of customers which might assistance a new specific type of product right after it is launched


Links to Webcams Around the World

Foraker, Mt. Everest — 360-degree image (not live) obtained from atop world’s highest peak

Click on a hyperlink below to become redirected into a cool Webcam. Thanks, Shane!

Maui — Yet Another “please just take me” destination, as I compose this with a nor’easter pounding the rooftop… then doesn’t, nevertheless give it any try. Rushmore — a number of links here, one which says it refreshes frequently yet I’m looking at it in 11:20 p.m. submitted simply by Jaimie!

Western Wall — EXCELLENT are living images of the “Wailing Wall” inside Jerusalem, submitted by simply K. Fuji — live image of Japan’s nearly all famous mountain volcano

Balboa Bay Ferry — Preserve hitting refresh

Swiss Alps — great live image (center involving page) and also archived shots

The Fantastic Pyramids — OH, this may be SOOO good!

Florida Keys — be certain for you to click around the bar cams watching individuals acting similar for you to their creating a great period (and you receive to pay attention to the band without having to pay the cover)

Mashatu Game Reserve — life images through yet another incredible African safari site, courtesy involving National Geographic and submitted by simply Christine Powell along with the girl kids.

Mt. McKinley — 3 associated with North America’s highest peaks, courtesy of John Sullivan and Talkeetna Air Taxi

Positano, Italy — INCREDIBLE images, submitted by Gina Paz

San Marino


Vladivostok — live images coming from Russia’s Pacific port city

Click here for any view of the Panama Canal.

THE NEW FOXNEWS.COM WEB CAM — take a glance outside our newsroom windows for a are living glimpse up 6th avenue in the Huge Apple.

Pikes Peak — Are Living image coming from Colorado Springs natural wonder (“America the actual Beautiful”), submitted through Gwen Ingram; which image of Pikes Peak via Springs, submitted by simply R. Washington — EXCELLENT are living images through summit of New Hampshire peak, submitted by JRHorton

Rocky Mountain National Park — Stay image associated with Longs Peak, submitted simply by Donna Layne

Zurich — An even BETTER cam, with even BETTER controls. Thanks for you patience!

Gilgo Beach — Are Living images from Extended Island surfing mecca

Mount St. Wilson — Stunning panorama shots from California observatory, submitted simply by Raul Briggs

Sekiu, Washington — FINALLY, we must have the best link up there, courtesy of our own FOXNews good friend Sandy. Macer

Click on the back links down below to visit are living Webcams. This kind of page will update regularly consequently check again for the most recent links:

Haifa — in Kites Beach

Alaska — live image via Fairbanks, submitted by simply Jeff DeWitt


Boca Raton — Are Living images via South Beach Park, submitted by simply Andy Engle

Cesarea, Israel — good beach shot

Littleton, Colorado — live images in the “Copula Cam,” submitted by Chris Harguth

Elsewhere, examine out the Fantastic Pyramids regarding Giza;

Taos Mountain, New Mexico

Prague — Stay images through old City Square, submitted by Jody Page, whom says your twin spires are Our Lady associated with Tyn Church and the white domed creating is Saint Nicholas Church (can require a LONG time and also power to load, though)

Please e-mail together with reviews of broken back links as well as suggested Webcams to increase this list. Submissions is planning to be printed along with names, unless a person request to remain anonymous. submitted simply by staff, along with these:

JFK Tower (and this hyperlink isn’t any Webcam, but it’s a sweet examine JFK radar — following the particular planes!)

San Juan Islands — Washington State, submitted through staff.

Mt. thanks, again, Sue!

Moscow 2

Statue involving Liberty

Empire State building — As soon As an individual register you’re treated in order to some great stay images from atop probably the actual most famous constructing within the world, sans Kong… Antarctic Program’s camera in Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station

Mt. Vesuvius — live images coming from Italy’s many famous active volcano

Lake Michigan — Are Living image via Holland, Michigan, submitted through Kimberlee VanHeulen, who ended up being simply nice enought for you to furthermore sent us these:

Panama Canal — Fantastic shots with the locks, shipping, submitted by simply Daniel McLoughlin

Skiing throughout Spain


Centennial light — That’s right, any Webcam dedicated to some light bulb! However not merely ANY bulb. examine out this view coming from atop the actual Morgan Stanley building; this is from your roof with the Doubletree hotel; this is really a ground-level shot from Charley O’s; this can be a bit of blatant self promoting look at your jumbo screen; and, get up shut and also personal, should you dare, with just about all the excellent folks nearby the Hawaiian Tropic Zone.

Costa Maya — Changing still images via resort throughout Mexico, submitted by Wayne Jonosky

Salmon, Idaho — WOW!


Old Faithful — latest images coming from Yellowstone

Avalon Pier — nice shots associated with Atlantic via Kill Devil Hills, N.C., submitted simply by Erin Hladik

Monterey Bay Aquarium — Extremely cool, along with a great Web site, too… The Particular reaction may be overwhelming, therefore keep the suggestions coming.



Paris — an additional fantastic cam, submitted through Rick as well as Cindy Earnest

From California, here tend to be live images via Ventura Beach.

Auckland, New Zealand

Paris — Multiple cameras giving live images from your Area of Lights

Port St. Viewer Megan Web Page highlights that this one’s been burning since 1901!

Soo Locks — Reside images coming from Sault Ste. really depressed, courtesy regarding Phillip Terzo

Isle regarding Reunion

Mt. Not Really most submitted links is planning to be posted, as well as hyperlinks which are slow to end up being able to load is not really likely to become included. Peter’s Basilica — live images via Vatican City

Port Canaveral — Reside images from south Florida,with camera controls, submitted by “islander”

Here are some airport cams, since they’ve been among probably the particular most requested:



Mammoth Mountain — live images through eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, submitted by simply Vicki Siamas

African Safari — Hypnotizing — more than there, I discover something! — live images involving wildlife, submitted through Candice Smith


Mt. great controls

Moscow 1

Sawtooth Mountain, Idaho — Finally, someplace that looks enjoy it really is actually having winter… EST and the sun is shining, so you decide… Hunter, Mt. submitted simply by Dave Stewart

New Caledonia, Noumea Harbor


Trainspotting in the Netherlands — How cool is this?! Submitted by simply Cheesehead Ken H. Popescu

Central Park — Reside images associated with The big Apple City’s playground, courtesy involving WABC-TV, Channel 7

St. regarding Wisconsin…

Thailand — great beach shots, too.

London — Oxford Street, one’s heart involving London’s shopping district

Mauna Kea — Images from summit

Damascus — image refreshes, however it is sporadic

Cape Town

Here are some hyperlinks for Occasions Square, Ny Area … Helens — Reside images coming from USDA Forest Support cameras (but weather could hinder viewing) submitted simply by Cathie Metz


Vienna — I enjoy this cam… submitted by simply Shane Penfield; the other is a state department associated with tourism camera which works… some of the web sites need refreshing for you to advance the particular images, although some give a steady video stream.

Corn Palace, Mitchell, South Dakota — It’s any palace! Created regarding corn!

Hong Kong

Tenerife Island — Oh, someone take me there! Beautiful! Submitted by Wendy Creasey

Virginia City, Nevada — ah, I remember my ’60s Westerns and the ol’ “stagecoach from Virginia City,” submitted by Jacquie Obos

United Nations headquarters


Novosibirsk — Are Living images via Russia’s third largest city; viewer reviews domed constructing can be opera house, submitted through J.Brent Moore



Pismo Beach, California — view from the historic PB Hotel

Sharm el-Sheikh — Or Even just “Sharm,” stay images from coastal metropolis about southern suggestion of the Sinai Peninsula, submitted through “Chris”

Santorini — Lovely images from certainly one of probably your most beautiful Greek islands, submitted by simply Andrew Pateras

Grand Cayman — Stay images of excellent times at the actual lake within Georgetown, submitted by Amy Miller

Mt. Your CLICK HERE regarding panorama shots, most courtesy involving Wilfried Wiher

Old Faithful — time it really right along with you’ll get a fantastic shot through Yellowstone

Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman — in case anyone are frozen in the Midwest as well as Northeast, prepare being depressed… Charles — Fine seeking Barbados resort, submitted by simply Michael Wyatt, that also sent on this link to any bunch of Crucial West, Fla., cams, make absolutely certain you have ActiveX:

SYDNEY HARBOR — Excellent stuff!

Here are any handful of some other cams around the world:


Yavapai Point, Grand Canyon National Park

Niagara Falls — Coming From the particular Ontario side

Giza Pyramids — Are Living images coming from Egypt


Algarve, Portugal — incredible!

The “Saentis” within Switzerland

Ossipee Lake — New Hampshire

Yangshuo — South central China… Marie, Mich., submitted through Kevin Much, salvaged simply by “Sue”

Tallinn — Click upon CITY CAM and discover out way cool stay and archived images coming from Estonia’s approach cool capital, submitted by “Patty, an American inside Tallinn”. Thanks!

Monte Carlo

Waikiki — Reside images AND song from Hawaii — pass the particular poi! — submitted by viewer “Roni”

Ground Zero

San Francisco Bay and also skyline — I left my heart with these great images, submitted by Vance Kozik, which also submitted these:

Diyarbakir, Turkey and a link to a amount of are living images from cams throughout Turkey.


Giant Ocean Tank — New England Aquarium inside Boston, submitted through “Sue in Michigan (a FOX news addict)” which furthermore sent us…

Boothbay Harbor — Gorgeous Maine vacation spot, submitted simply by Vincent Mathews

Mt. submitted by Rob Latzko

Swiss Alps — incredible are living and also archived images

South Pole — U.S. Please check the hyperlink before submitting to be sure it still loads properly


Most of 2014′s Best Gay Movies Can Now Be Viewed at Home or Perhaps the Oscars – San Francisco GLBT Arts

Most of those movies are open to purchase or perhaps rent. Obtain these at along with

Sexy men get tangled up in a Agatha Christie style mystery in "Out in order to Kill"

the web

“Love will be Strange” is actually an enchanting independent film which gets large The display biz industry attention thanks for you to its stars John Lithgow and also Alfred Molina. It’s an simple task to forget the star power credited to the outstanding story along with craftsmanship. It’s plot will break the heart: A New gay couple finally marries after nearly 40 many years of getting together until your get to reside separately after one loses his task (and home) due to the gay marriage. so what seemed to become a contented ending is truly the commencement of your life associated with challenges. There’s several Oscar buzz for this film.

“The Darkish Place” is a psychological thriller in regards in order to a man who returns residence to discover his mother has moved about having a new family. However is that will this family truly loving as well as just after the mother’s fortune? The Particular son investigates as well as uncovers the actual truth…with a few truly funny moments that may come up once you least expect them.

“Lilting” can be a lovely film that’s serious story of your man which attempts to develop a relationship along together with his late lover’s mother, who doesn’t talk exactly the particular same language, is each uplifting as well as touching as it bridges the particular gaps in between languages, customs and beliefs.

Documentaries additionally excelled using GLBT themes. “Lady Valor: The Particular Kristin Beck Story” tale of your Navy SEAL who changes sex and also finds acceptance is really a harder procedure as compared to working like a SEAL.

2014 was obviously a magnificent 12 months for gay cinema.

“Pride” is actually one of the best movies of year – gay or straight. Based upon a true story of the newly-formed gay social club which decides to create striking Welsh miners their particular cause keezmovies to support. Sure, we find odd couple pairings regarding gays as well as macho men in inclusion keezmovies to their ability or perhaps get along…or not. This specific true story in addition will be filled up with fantastic subplots and burgeoning relationships as well as touches on the early days of AIDS. This kind of is probably probably the actual most uplifting movie that’s occur alongside in the lengthy time.

“Folsom Forever” can be even now seeking a release nevertheless it offers more depth when compared with you’d anticipate upon a show concentrating on the activities and also events surrounding the world’s leading fetish festival. Director Mike Skiff’s study as well as awareness of detail are usually fairly evident in the picture since it showcases greater than spanking and also piercings along with provides an insight in how this street festival raises monies pertaining to charities as well as virtually single-handedly saved numerous enterprise in San Francisco’s SOMA location within the age of AIDS.

“Big Gay Love” can be any cute enjoy story – one using bear appeal thanks towards the charming performance of Jonathan Lisecki. Kind of sappy – however sappy and also sweetness is oftentimes just that which usually you need.

Other foreign films which may not be about the shortlist associated with Oscars but nevertheless well completed include “Snails within the Rain,” using one of your sexiest men alive becoming stalked with a gay admirer.

“Appropriate Behavior” can be something though writer/director/star Desiree Akhavan providing insight for you to bisexuality along with Persian customs. Akhavan carves out a really fascinating story – one with rich, honest dialog and genuine characters. Desiree Akhavan – look out for in which name. She’s nominated for Greatest Initial Screenplay at the independent Spirit Awards.

“Tru Love” can be a very lovely movie – visually along with emotionally. It’s the surprising adore story of the small woman who develops any relationship with a friend’s mother – an affection which hits all of them each unexpectedly and leaves the particular audience smitten.

Oddly, among the most mainstream GLBT movies in the year, “Skeleton Twins,” could possess had a large quantity of acclaim as well as attention, however I possess not seen it yet.

Two some other excellent documentaries have but to locate a home. “I Usually Mentioned Yes: the Many Lives involving Wakefield Poole” will be nevertheless raising funds prior to it’s released (there’s sometimes just as much necessary after having a film can be completed). Jim Tushinski’s fascinating movie will be easy to like because of to become able to its topic matter: Wakefield Poole? Whom is actually he? Properly he started out like a dancer/choreographer he then became the pornographer whom produced the first mainstream gay porn film and then later he would end up being a chef for Calvin Klein. Wow – such a life.

“Out for you to Kill” is also any terrific whodunit. Rather associated with being a titillating campy drama, the tale regarding murder throughout Tampa has moments extremely reminiscent associated with an Agatha Christie novel, such as scenes involving re-enactments through flashbacks, that might really be misleading.

“Test” is actually a fantastic period piece throughout the early times of AIDS inside San Francisco. Your “waiting for the results” can be mixed in with some excellent dance sequences and shows excellent guarantee with regard to director/writer Chris Mason Johnson, who’s nominated with an Impartial Spirit Award.

Another worthy foreign film is “My Straight Son,” which usually could have become a melodrama associated with hate crime and also acceptance but instead can become a deeply moving movie elevated by its excellent cast.

This couldn’t always be a lot more evident compared to together with three GLBT movies chosen through their prospective countries his or perhaps her choice for best Foreign Language Film for that upcoming Academy Award: “The Circle,” “The Approach He Looks” and, coming from youthful out director Xavier Dolan, “Mommy.”

Besides those films, here’s a listing of memorable movies from the past 12 months – all keez movies worth seeking out along with available for residence viewing (now as well as coming soon).

“Last Weekend” helps make homosexuality a new footnote as well as focuses about the luminous Patricia Clarkson like a mother who may have problems allowing go of the woman’s adult children in supplement in order to their summer home. Oh, among the actual kids happens to be gay. Excellent which it’s not always the focus of your plot.

“Getting Go” took more than per year coming from festival to be able to VOD, nevertheless it had been really worth it. Your story of a student documentary filmmaker who decides to always be able to focus his interest on the go go boy is truly a very sweet enjoy story using the year’s best screen kiss.


The Difference Between Transgender and Transsexual?

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Surgically Implanted Webcam: Wafaa Bilal Implanted Webcam In Skull


Web 2.0 User-Generated-Video (UGV) Software From Reality Digital, Inc. Powers New Version of From Atom Entertainment, Inc.

Atom Entertainment along with AddictingClips are usually registered trademarks involving Atom Entertainment, Inc.

The growth regarding consumer generated video on the web now includes content of most stripes: house movies, travelogues, staged video, and work coming from amateur along with independent filmmakers. using the particular Reality Digital technology, instant video uploads from mobile phones along with video through web-cams stand poised to generate a totally new genre of immediate connection as well as comment.

Reality Digital Opus(TM) enables sites in which permit customers effortlessly upload video coming from almost any source, involving any format or even length, along with ensure it is tranny cams immediately viewable by anyone online. Distinctive features contain cell-phone upload, a opportunity to upload along with manage .swf (flash animation) files, and bandwidth detection of media files on playback. Nearly All compelling will be the simplicity regarding use of all the Reality Digital powered sites. Customers could upload, comment, rate, and view video throughout sites which are fast along with easy to use.

Reality Digital Opus as well as ClipShack are generally registered trademarks regarding Reality Digital, Inc.

Reality Digital ( can always be a software program development organization enabling effective management along with distribution involving video and other rich media. The Particular business launched their own on your internet user generated content (UGC) video sharing community, ClipShack(TM), in June involving 2005 ( Reality Digital Opus(TM) powers video sharing for ClipShack as well as partner sites.

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–March 31, 2006–Reality Digital, Inc., a new Bay Area based software program business which provides resources for your successful management involving video and other rich media, features announced a vital relationship using broadband entertainment pioneer Atom Entertainment, Inc. The Particular relationship offers resulted inside the development and also launch in the newest version of the AddictingClips(TM) web site (, a web-based destination for the viewing, uploading, along with sharing regarding video as well as animation content.

The Reality Digital Opus(TM) platform and also solutions enables companies to include user generated content material (UGC) for their on-line businesses. This technology is at the center of the Reality Digital OEM and white-label business. “We chose to perform together with Reality Digital to be able to develop AddictingClips because that they possess a deep knowledge regarding video management along with come together with an adaptable, scalable technology platform,” mentioned Scott Roesch, Vice President & General Manager for that Atom Entertainment(TM) video businesses.

Reality Digital features a destination site for customers thinking about sharing private video called ClipShack (, which in turn was launched within June regarding 2005. This website was the extremely first built about the Reality Digital Opus Platform(TM), and inside addition capabilities as a proof regarding concept for the OEM and also white-label business.

About Reality Digital, Inc.

“We are proud to become working together with Atom trannycams Entertainment in order to offer the site,” mentioned Cynthia Francis, CEO of Reality Digital. “We believe in which as new company possibilities regarding user generated video always grow, Reality Digital will probably be a substantial player within enabling companies to include user generated video with their online offerings.”


Naughty shemales acting sexy in front of the camera and rubbing their big boobs against each other

Naughty shemales acting sexy in front of the camera and rubbing their big boobs against each other

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